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Whether you hunt in flooded timber, rice, or dry grain fields, we've got you covered with duck and goose calls that will fit your needs. Every Sutter Basin call is carefully crafted and individually hand tuned to deliver incredibly lifelike duck and goose sounds!

Sutter Basin Duck Calls is located in the heart of the Pacific Flyway. Our calls are designed by waterfowl hunters for waterfowl hunters. The sound and quality in each call reflects the fact that we are all about waterfowl hunting and nothing else. Fortunately for our customers, all we focus on is pro-quality, finely crafted, hand tuned calls. End of story!!!!

Sutter Basin Duck Calls      

Our Duck Call Models

Sutter Basin Duck Calls offers three different call lines. Each line include models that have been developed, refined, and proven in the field using feedback from duck hunters just like you. We've heard what you want and we've built it in! In fact, the only thing more important to us than waterfowl hunting is our customers. We want you to smile every time you or someone else mentions Sutter Basin Duck Calls!

Our Goose Call Models

Sutter Basin Duck Calls offers goose calls for honkers, spec’s and snow geese. Like our duck calls, we have painstakingly designed each call so that it is exceptionally easy to run and yet we haven’t sacrificed a single ounce of performance. Ask around, you’ll find these goose calls are absolutely lethal!!

All Sutter Basin Waterfowl Calls

Attention to detail is a Sutter Basin Duck Call mainstay! Each of our calls is individually hand tuned, polished, fitted with a brass or stainless steel band, and comes complete with a hand made, heavy duty, camo-fabric storage pouch. You'll also find a laser engraved logo on the front of each call barrel.

“The enemy of GREAT is good”
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