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Whether you hunt in flooded timber, rice, or dry grain fields, we've got you covered with duck and goose calls that will fit your needs. Every Sutter Basin call is carefully crafted and individually hand tuned to deliver incredibly lifelike duck and goose sounds!

Sutter Basin Duck Calls is located in the heart of the Pacific Flyway. Our calls are designed by waterfowl hunters for waterfowl hunters. The sound and quality in each call reflects the fact that we are all about waterfowl hunting and nothing else. Fortunately for our customers, all we focus on is pro-quality, finely crafted, hand tuned calls. End of story!!!!

Coming summer of 2015 - Our new Sink Series double reed called Deuce-cut

Sutter Basin will be introducing some new and exciting products this coming summer! The biggest news is our introduction of a new line of Delrin plastic calls that will be marketed as the Sutter Basin Sink Series. The Sink Series calls are machined from Delrin plastic which allows us to produce the same high tolerances as enjoyed with our traditional acrylic calls, but at a much more affordable price.

Sink Series

We will also be offering our standard Sutter Storm Speck call with brass guts and a new snow goose call, called the G-14. The G-14 Snow Goose call was field tested at the end of the 2013 season by several local outfitters and guides. The results were OFF THE CHARTS! Super smart, late season, hunt hardened birds responded to the call like they hadnít seen a hunter all season! Our new G-14 is a game changer!

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